Remains in the Amazon, 2022
AI-assisted artwork using Midjourney and hand processes with Amazon inks
What is MidJourney?
MidJourney is an AI-powered system that creates images from user prompts. This text-to-image generator is one of few such AI-powered image tool now available to the public. This tool uses carefully crafted text entries called promps to synthesize a new image based on the description and other parameters.

AI-assisted artwork vs AI-generated
In my process I use an AI-generated image as an element in the final image. First processing it in the Photoshop, printing out the image and continue working with it using Amazon inks to bring out it's final look.

Helpful links if you would like include AI-generated elements in your process
Also, if you search YouTube for Midjourney you find many hours of tutorial materials. 

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